Talking Tom and Angela Review

Talking Tom and Angela Review

Talking Tom and Angela – Wonderful Kids Favourites

Talking Tom and Angela

If you are a parent of young children and don’t know who Talking Tom and Angela are we will be very surprised! The two charming animated cats have long since crossed over into the physical realm – see the brilliant and very popular Talking Tom plush toy and Talking Angela toy for proof- but still their adventures on the small screen continue to enthral children of certain ages. So what is it that makes Talking Tom and Angela so impressive? Put simply, Talking Tom and Angela is a combination of educational innovation, brilliant animation and great storylines that puts them and their various friends in a different league from others.

Talking Tom – The World’s Most Popular Cat

Central to the cast of the Talking Tom and Angela theme is Tom, a playful and wily tomcat with wit and charm who enjoys an adventure. The great animation, first seen on the Apple platform some years ago and now also available on Android, is a 3D rendition and allows for players to interact with both Tom and other characters in the cast. Players begin with a kitten, raising a customized Tom – they can choose clothes and fur colour, for example, and also the place where he lives – and play with him y tickling and poking him on screen. However, the main difference between the Talking Tom and Angela app and others of its ilk is that Tom can be taught to repeat what players say to him. This distinction is a clever one that gives the game something more than just a fun element.

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Talking Angela cat – Tom’s Feline Girlfriend

Tom is accompanied in the Talking Tom and Angela series by his lovely girlfriend, Angela; she features in a number of chart-topping YouTube music videos as well as her equivalent of the Talking Tom app, My Talking Angela. Talking Angela is a pretty cat with style who also likes to explore, and she and Tom have many enjoyable adventures together. Complete with the talking feature that is central to Talking Tom and Talking Angela, the app also allows users to nurture their own Angela from kitten to fully grown cat, with much individual customization along the way.

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Talking Tom and Angela plus Friends

The Talking Tom and Angela franchise is not limited to just Talking Angela and Talking Tom, for there are many other characters who users will encounter along the way. In the app Talking Friends Superstar, for example, are Talking Ginger, a fun loving kitten who is Tom’s nephew and who gets up to much mischief, while Talking Ben the Dog appears in a number of instalments, the parrot Talking Pierre appears in some Talking Tom and Angela apps and Gina the Giraffe is a fun addition in others. All apps are designed to be fun and also educational, with an emphasis on family involvement.

Talking Tom Plush Toy

As is to be expected with such successful franchises as Talking Tom and Angela the demand for other products has been phenomenal, hence the success of the Talking Tom plush toy. A 12inch high cuddly Tom in all his glory, this cuddly and fun toy takes the app and brings it to life, in an exciting and interesting manner. Children squeeze his hand to hear him talk to them as he does in the app, and Like Talking Tom and Angela apps it is a great experience in particular for the younger kids. A similar Talking Angela toy is another great idea and appeals especially for young girls, while new additions to the range of apps are appearing on a regular basis for added fun and excitement.


The many Talking Tom and Angela apps include Talking Friends Superstar plus Talking Tom Superstar, the charming Tom Loves Angela and a Christmas special, Talking Santa. A versatile and engaging franchise with continued innovation and a wide range of merchandise, Talking Tom and Angela is one of the most successful of its kind and garners awards across the world, while making clever use of social networking and YouTube in order to keep Talking Tom and Angela content fresh and enticing. Constantly evolving yet never losing its original charm, this is a children’s franchise that embraces both the 21st century trend for handheld mobile devices and the traditional enjoyment of cuddly toys, but with a difference. Without a doubt, Talking Tom and Angela is one of the most enduring success stories of the moment.

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